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We Believe in YOU

When we supply our bodies with the proper nutrients, diet and exercise we achieve balance in our bodies and in our lives.

Just add to water


PURE INVENTIONS was founded in 2003 by lifelong friends Lynne Gerhards and Lori Mulligan, both Certified Clinical Nutritionists and Nutritional Consultants. Pure Inventions is a revolutionary line of liquid extracts that is dedicated to promoting beauty and wellness from within.

The history of Pure Inventions parallels the growth of nutritional awareness in the United States and across the world.

Lynne and Lori’s philosophy: “Balance is the key to a healthy life. Nourish your mind and body on a daily basis and make choices that are as close to natural as possible. Our main goal is to achieve the wellness of the whole person in a way that is easy, convenient and simple to incorporate into a busy lifestyle.”

Eco-friendly, convenient and easy to use; each bottle of makes 30-60 beverages.

GMP and NSF certified, all of our products are diabetic friendly.

Proudly served in luxury spas, destination resorts and wellness centers around the world.

All of the good, none of the bad.

Pure Inventions has created a way for everyone to live well naturally.

  • The product line features:

  • A variety of green tea extracts that support your immune system, skin health and overall well-being
  • Our fruit extracts provide benefits from Super Fruits to promote wellness and longevity
  • Our Fitness line to help provide natural electrolytes, energy, hydration and daily green
  • Our specialty solutions line that feature products to naturally support weight management, stress, sleep, detoxification and hair, skin and nail support.



Beth Greenberg

I first came across your green tea products years ago at a fitness conference. Personally I loved the way it tasted, and appreciated the way it helped me recover during a grueling 3 day fitness challenge. Sadly I never retained any information to follow up and learn where to get the product.

This past April I was reintroduced to your product. Hurray! Not only did it come as a relief to my exhausted mind and body, but it came with information how I could purchase the products not only for myself, but for my loyal exercise clients as well! We all love the green tea in various flavors! The word back to me ranges from relieving stress, fatigue, sugar cravings, and best of all... drinking water is now delicious without all the extra ingredients!

—Beth Greenberg, Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach

Danica Johnson

At heart, I am a skeptic. I have tried the standard amount of health products and beauty aids (242 to be exact), and NEVER found any that I could say with sincerity that I felt better, or at the very least could stick with. I have been using Pure Inventions products for about 8 years. I order so much they thought I was selling it on the side.

Upsides - I am never without my funny colored bottle water, so I drink green tea all day long. The water tastes great- no one mistakes my water for theirs & I really love it.

Downsides - NONE - I am literally a walking advertisement for this product. I have been accused of being a sales rep.!

—Danica Johnson

Shana Sicks

Pure Inventions was first introduced to me in 2010 by Theresa at Gene Juarez. She knew I had a lot of medical issues and thought I would like it. I not only like it but love it. Tranquility is my favorite alone, with other Pure Invention flavors, or I use it as a sweetener if I need it instead of sugar or sugar substitutes.

The first thing in the morning I drink D3 mixed with cranberry + elderberryto start my day; for the rest of the day I will drink glasses of tranquility either hot or cold; the evenings I will drink tranquility with blueberry + white tea. To mix things up there’s always wild cherry apple + resveratrol, blueberry + white tea, and cranberry + elderberry. Chocolate and tranquility is always good in place of dessert.

This is a great solution to people trying to control the chemicals and sugar intake.

—Shana Sicks

I'm a New Yorker so everywhere I go I have a bottle of water in my hand - my apartment, to work, go to the gym, run around the city, and return home. I love the taste of water, however sometimes water just gets plain old tasting. I found Pure Inventions and thought why not get energy,vitamins and nutrients with an added all natural flavors for taste in my water.

I have a chronic blood disorder. For the three months I drank Pure Inventions Green Tea. I carried it everywhere with me and flavored my water all day long. I generally drink about 2 L of water a day.

My previous blood test was around 550. Then my second blood tests after three months of drinking green tea every day, my blood results, turned out the count was 886 which is just unheard of. A normal healthy person has a blood count of 800 to 1000. My doctor said it was excellent. He asked what had changed in my daily behavior? Right then I did not have the answer, while I had a bottle of water in my hand when we spoke.

I left the doctors office very happy and on my walk home I looked at the bottle and thought oh my gosh, this is the only thing that I have changed in my nutrition in the last three months since my last test. In the back my mind, I always knew green tea had some type of special benefits but I had no idea what, I never really investigated what it was.

Now after my blood results and feeling great I truly believe my change is from green tea, the flavonoids and the antioxidants that the flavored pure inventions green tea concentrates provide.

If I read this I'd find a hard time believing it however, this is just my story. I will continue to drink Pure Inventions everyday, not just for the taste,not just for the flavor but actually for my health and wellness I'm really, really happy I found these products. Thank you ladies who invented these fantastic supplements!

—Kevin O'Brien


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